Health Data Importer

Health Data Importer is a utility that takes Health XML data exported from your old phone and imports it to your new one. Start fresh when you get that new device and and bring your health data with you.


October 14, 2016: Health Data Importer Gives You Manual Control Over Importing Your Health Data on iPhone (Thorin Klosowski)

October 13, 2016: Health Importer Makes It Easy to Move Health Data Between iPhones (Federico Viticci)

October 13, 2016: How to move your Health data from one iPhone to another (S├ębastian Page)


Health Importer is the app I wish I had when I moved from the iPhone 6 Plus to the 6s Plus last year. [...] Health Importer worked perfectly in my tests and I'm going to use it again as soon as I switch to an iPhone 7 Plus. Federico Viticci, Macstories
Health Data Importer does exactly what the name suggests. Download the app, then load it up on your fresh new iPhone. It will scan your iCloud backups for any health data, then import all of it over to your new phone. Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker
I believe Health Data Importer to be the best way to move your Health data between two iPhones. It is simple, quick, and very reliable. S├ębastian Page, iDownloadBlog


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