Tweet Seeker

Tweet Seeker is the best way to find your tweets on Twitter. With an advanced search syntax, filtering, and pro enhancements like Twitter Archive Import and multiple account support, Tweet Seeker is the most powerful and feature-filled app for searching tweets in the app store.


June 4, 2014: Search Through All Of Your Tweets With The Powerful Tweet Seeker For iPhone (AppAdvice)

June 3, 2014: Introduction to Tweet Seeker on the Lionheart Software blog

June 3, 2014: Tweet Seeker for iOS (the Iconfactory)


Pro Features (available through In-App Purchase)

Search Syntax

Tweet Seeker provides a powerful search syntax. With it, you can find tweets that (queries are in quotes):

Due to Twitter API limitations, when the app first syncs, it will only be able to retrieve up to 3200 of your own tweets (unless you import your archive) and up to 800 of your mentions. However, Tweet Seeker has no limitations on number of tweets after your first sync. If you’d like to search all of your tweets (not including mentions), you can request your Twitter Archive from and import it into the app.

A product of Lionheart Software.